Construction Industry

honeycomb door

Drywall and doors:

Our honeycomb can be designed to fit as the core material in doors and drywalls. Premier Packaging Products has the capacity to deliver the core material that will be stretched, dried and converted into various types of doors by the end user as well as honeycomb panels. We offer fire-retardant papers.

Concrete Forming:

– Premier Packaging Products has been supplying the construction industry with honeycomb products that act as an expansion joint. The honeycomb insert can be pressure-washed once the concrete has dried up. It is an ideal green alternative to petroleum-based materials that are traditionally used in this industry.

– Our honeycomb is also a great replacement for wood in building concrete forming assemblies for crawlspaces.

– We have an extensive choice of solutions dedicated to the construction industry that can be implemented according to your unique specifications and needs. Honeycomb can be shaped into various types of disposable, easy-to-remove concrete formworks.