Dunnage and transit solutions

Dunnage and transit solutions

Bracing & Blocking:

Our design team has the solution to protect your product throughout the supply chain, from the moment it leaves your docks to the moment it is being used. Honeycomb products such as runners, wedges or void fillers can maximize and secure your load by blocking, bracing and cushioning the shipping units. Honeycomb void fillers are a competitive alternative to air bags but can be used along with the air bags as part of  composite packaging as well.


Thanks to its high compression strength, paperboard honeycomb can handle heavy loads. Our custom-made Honeycomb pallets offer an economical option to ship airborne cargo due to their light weight. They are a cost-effective alternative to heat-treated wooden and plastic pallets. No treatment such as fumigation is required for exporting. Manufactured with a 100% paper-based material, honeycomb pallets can be easily disposed of.

In the event your load is already unitized in a gaylord or another type of container and no pallet deck is required to handle it, honeycomb PSA runners or blocks can be applied directly under it allowing for significant cost savings.