Protective Packaging

Honeycomb Protective packaging

Interleaving pads and top sheets:

Plain pads or die-cut / die-crushed panels can help pack a wide array of products such as yarns, batteries, motors, die-cast products, transformers or bags of bulk food, etc. Thanks to honeycomb sturdiness, they can be used as returnable packaging.

Honeycomb panels on top of pallets are an ingenious solution to prevent damage when the units are stacked and help maximize your load. Our top pallet sheets are user-friendly:

– Cut corners allow a high level of containment when stretch-wrapping the load without tearing the film.

– Slit-scored top pallet sheets prevent the strapping band from digging into the products.

Interior Packaging:

Paperboard honeycomb die-cut / die-crushed inner packaging offers you an eco-friendly alternative to EPS products.