PSA coated Honeycomb products

Dunnage and transit solutions

Premier Packaging Products announce expanded capability to produce a broad range of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) coated Honeycomb Products. Using the latest technologies, we apply to custom designed Honeycomb products, a layer of aggressive adhesive that will bond to a variety of surfaces. On our PSA Honeycomb products, we cover this adhesive with a silicone release liner that keeps the Honeycomb components from sticking together in storage or shipment. The product arrives ready to use, saving time, mess and labor, simply peel of the liner and stick a honeycomb block, runner or sheet to whatever clean surface you choose.

Honeycomb “Runners” may be stuck directly to the bottom of corrugated boxes, or to Honeycomb sheets, in many cases eliminating the need for traditional wooden pallets.  We produce PSA honeycomb in a variety of thickness and cell sizes to meet the most demanding performance requirements in a cost efficient manner.

Our custom design services will work with you to devise the most efficient PSA products for your “Pallet Runner”, or internal blocking and bracing packaging applications. As with all Premier Packaging Products, we offer great quality, short lead times, and service that is truly Premier.